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NetSim Network Simulator

Getting Started

How do I access NetSim?

After you purchase a NetSim Online product, log in to your Boson account. Once logged into your Boson account, you may access NetSim Online directly from its home page. You may also access your online products by going to the My Products tab on your My Account page.

Does NetSim support multiple users?

Boson has license options for academic, organizational, and corporate clients. We do not sell licenses that can be shared, and licenses cannot be transferred from one registered user to another. Each end user must have his or her own license. If you would like to inquire about licenses for training employees or students, please see the Boson Organizational & Volume Sales page of our website.

What is your Product End-of Life policy?

Boson strives to deliver content and technology that accurately reflects the current certification environment. Due to certification updates and technology innovations, products mature over time and are replaced with modern versions. The purpose of this document to is provide information regarding product retirement or products reaching end-of-life. Upon retirement there will be no updates of any kind to the product. Upon end-of-life, technical support or product activations will not be available. Read more Product-End-of-Life Information.


What are the Minimum System Requirements for NetSim?

Minimum and Recommended Requirements:

NetSim Online App:

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, MacOS 10.10+, or a Debian based Linux
  • A web browser that supports JavaScript ECMA 6
    • Chrome 75+
    • Firefox 70 +
    • Safari 6.2.8
    • Etc.

What features are available in the demo version of NetSim?

The NetSim demo is a fully functional version of NetSim that has a limited command set. The purpose of the NetSim demo is to allow you to evaluate the applications included in the NetSim suite and how they interact with each other. You can download a demo from the NetSim tab of the Boson website.

How often do you release software updates?

Boson does not have a set interval for releasing updates. Software updates are released only when significant changes are made to NetSim. For example, the resolution of a major bug or the addition of new features would prompt a software update.