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Boson NetSim Overview

The Boson NetSim® Network Simulator®, which includes the Boson Router Simulator®, is unique compared to all others on the market because of the functionality it supports and its features. NetSim utilizes Boson’s proprietary Network Simulator, Router Simulator®, and EROUTER® software technologies, along with the Boson Virtual Packet Technology® engine, to create individual packets. These packets are routed and switched through the simulated network, allowing NetSim to build an appropriate virtual routing table and simulate true networking. Other simulation products on the market do not support this level of functionality.

NetSim simulates a wide variety of Cisco® routers, including the 2500 series, 2600 series, 2800 series, and 3600 series routers, as well as the Cisco Catalyst 1900 series, 2900 series, and 3500 series switches. NetSim supports multiple routing protocols, including RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, BGP, and OSPF. It supports different LAN/WAN protocols, including PPP/CHAP, ISDN, and Frame Relay. The labs in NetSim require only the devices and functionality included with NetSim; they do not require access to any external router or switch hardware. NetSim supports many, but not all, of the IOS commands available on a physical router or switch. All of the commands referenced in the available labs are supported by NetSim.

Achieving Cisco CCNA® or CCNP®-level certification is the goal of many people who use this product. Boson NetSim covers several Cisco certifications: CCNA (200-301), ENCOR (350-401), and ENARSI (300-410). The included labs guide you through the configuration of routers, switches, and workstations in a variety of scenarios.

Labs are made available (unlocked) depending on the version of NetSim available to you. All labs are kept up to date regardless of which NetSim product is owned; however, the only labs that are available are ones that have been unlocked with the purchase of a product. For example, if you start your studies with a CCNA activation key, you will have the command set and labs available that are necessary to study for that exam. When you are ready to study for either the ENCOR or ENARSI CCNP exam, you will need to purchase a new corresponding product; NetSim will unlock more labs, and a larger command set will become available.

Each NetSim product unlocks a selection of labs. Some lab packs are delivered by NetSim to support other products that are sold separately. If you have questions about locked labs, please contact

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After you load and complete an unlocked lab, you can use the grading function in NetSim to grade the lab so that you can determine whether you completed it correctly. As you progress through the labs, you can master the skills needed to pass the simulation questions in the Cisco certification exams. NetSim has the ability to guide and grade, and using it for practice can be more helpful than using real routers and switches. NetSim allows you to gain experience without requiring you to purchase expensive equipment.

Using NetSim to Prepare for Your Certification

By using NetSim to help you achieve a Cisco certification, you can learn and master the skills necessary to help you successfully complete your certification track. The purpose of NetSim is to help you with the practical, hands-on portion of your education and to ensure that you not only understand the concepts of routing but can actually configure and implement routing on Cisco devices.

Mastering Cisco networking involves two fundamental tasks:

  1. Learn the theory of routers and switches.
  2. Gain the hands-on experience of implementing that theory by configuring the devices in a network and testing them in a lab.

Self-studying for a Cisco certification can be a daunting task. The amount of information a CCNA candidate is required to know and the skills that candidate is required to possess are quite extensive. To begin learning the theory of configuring a network, you can find a good reference book or listen to an instructor. (Boson Training offers a full slate of classes and Bootcamps.) But a reference book might not be enough. The book will not give you the practical, hands-on experience of routing and switching that you can learn from NetSim—experience that will help you build on the theoretical knowledge you learned from the reference book.

Although real equipment gives you the ability to practice on physical routers and switches, it also is a very costly way to practice and leaves a lot of room for error. Boson NetSim, on the other hand, is an excellent tool to help you prepare for the CCNA-level and CCNP-level exams. NetSim simulates the behavior of a network and does not just return preprogrammed responses to expected command inputs. It allows you to create virtual packets and virtual frames that will be routed and switched through the simulated network. Aside from physically plugging in the cables and listening to the fan noise, your experience with the simulated network will be much the same as your experience with a fully functional lab rack without the expense of the hardware. NetSim will enable you to practice various configurations and master helpful skills.

Once you feel you have mastered both the theory and the practical labs, you can test your knowledge by using the Boson ExSim-Max practice exam products. Boson ExSim-Max products include complex multiple-choice questions, drag-and-drop questions, and custom simulation questions.

The Boson NetSim Network Simulator is the most comprehensive product on the market for learning how to configure a Cisco router. Boson NetSim will not only help you become certified, it will help you learn and understand how to configure routers, switches, and networks.

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